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Waterbeads are a completely reusable source of fragrance. Hydrate the waterbeads with water to slowly release the fragrance into the air. Once the waterbeads have de-hydrated, all you need is water and a scent refill bottle to make the water beads fragrant again - as good as new!

If you decide you no longer want to use your waterbead air freshener for whatever reason, they are completely biodegradable so simply hydrate them, bury them in soil. This not only hydrates the soil it is also beneficial to any plants.

Commonly used Air Fresheners:  While they may cover up bad odors, air fresheners can actually make indoor air much worse by emiting toxic pollutants at levels that may lead to health risks. Many clean-air advocates compare their toxicity to that of secondhand smoke. So try one of our Waterbead Air Fresheners instead.

Handmade Waterbead Air Fresheners Handmade Waterbead Air Fresheners £ 14.99

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